What to Expect at Healthcare Analytics Summit 17

The roles of technology, data, and analytics in the healthcare industry are becoming more and more important each year, as healthcare organizations continue to adopt new ways to learn from the incredible amount of data available to them. If you have an interest in learning or better understanding the ways that you can integrate data and analytics into your clinical, operational and financial functions, this year's Healthcare Analytics Conference has so much to offer! 

What Is The Healthcare Analytics Summit 17?

The Healthcare Analytics Summit 17 (HAS17) is an annual summit meant to teach and inspire anyone who is looking for ways to integrate the power of data analytics into their healthcare organization. This summit is not a vendor or a sales-oriented event. It is a comprehensive, highly educational experience that aims to bring a better understanding of the ways and means by which data can be used to improve healthcare organizations. 

This year’s event was planned with an eye toward highlighting for attendees the ways that data and analytics can increase the pace of clinical, operational and financial outcomes of healthcare organizations. 

What Should Attendees Expect To See and Do at the HAS17?

 This year's healthcare analytics conference events cover a lot of ground over the course of three days, but here are some of this year’s upcoming highlights:

●      Exciting, Informative Keynote Speakers

This year, the summit will continue to feature several keynote speakers who are well known in the healthcare industry for their support of digital health technology, including Eric Topol, MD and David Nash, MD. 

●      Analytics Walkabout

A very popular event at previous summits, this year’s Analytics Walkabout will showcase 24 projects that can show attendees how clinical, financial, operational, and workflow analytics can improve their outcomes. 

●      Breakout Sessions

Expect 30 new breakout sessions focused on giving attendees detailed and practical “how to” learning examples, as well as a bound book of breakout summaries featuring key points.

●      Hands-on, Analytics-driven Participation

Using our innovative HAS application, every attendee at the summit will see real-time analytics examples demonstrated through the use of polling, Q&A’s, networking, prizes and recognition. Real-time analytics are a great way to guide and teach the daily use of data and analytics in healthcare. 

●      Networking and Fun

As always, the summit will also allow attendees time to relax and connect with others, with some new innovative and fun integration of analytics opportunities to encourage networking. You can also expect our traditional fun run, “Dine on Us” dinner, game night and more! 

When and where will the HAS17 be held?

Our 2017 summit will take place on September 12-14, 2017 at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah.

If you are interested in attending the Healthcare Analytics Summit 2017, see our registration page. Space is very limited for this year’s healthcare analytics conference, and we do expect to sell out, so don’t delay if you want to attend. We are currently offering early bird registration prices for single passes and group passes for 3 or 5 attendees until May 26th.  We hope to see you there!

In the Previous Session - Hands-on Opportunities

What better way to see and understand what is going on than to participate in scenarios that utilize real-time analytics?  By participating with the HAS ’16 app in the polling and question and answer sessions, your input will be reflected in analytics as part of the presentations.  Though this isn’t applicable in a healthcare organization’s setting, the understanding of analytics applications and scope will open your eyes to possibilities within the walls of your system. 

Analytics isn’t just touched upon at the Summit, but is the grand focus over the three days of the Summit.  By sitting down with either knowledgeable individuals or teams, you will be clued into how important analytics is for your organization and the answers to questions within your system that you may never have thought to ask.  It is insight like this that leads to more efficiency, less waste, better healthcare and better outcomes for patients. 

There is no need to fear that this is something out of the college lecture hall playbook.  The atmosphere and presentations are set up to be informative, professional, yet exciting and interactive.  Each session and production within the Summit is meant for maximum learning and growth, with the ability to get answers to lingering questions or to discover the possibilities that may have only been a dream. 

You won’t go away empty handed by any respect of the imagination.  This is one of the greatest opportunities to network with your peers and other leaders in the industry.  Put away the old business card mentality, and move into the technical age of swapping information via the HAS ’16 app and even earning points towards prizes given away at the Summit.  Who knew getting to know people could pay off in the short- and long-term of things?  All these things mashed together lead to the possibility of gaining true perspective of the possibilities for healthcare analytics and doing it in a way that is much more effective than being lectured to or told to read a manual. 

This same hands-on opportunity will also be available for the 2017 summit.  Don't miss out on this unique situation!